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Industrial Parks

Tan Tao - Hanel Hi-Tech Industrial Park

The ITA Group launched the first phase of its pioneering Tan Tao Industrial Park in 1997. Today, ITA Group has been developing and operating app. 22,000 hectare Projects in whole Vietnam.

Tan Tao Group - main investor in the new Xuan Mai – Ha Tay urban zone

Ha Tay Provincial People ‘s Committee approved the new Xuan Mai urban zone building project with Tan Tao Group as a main investor.

Mr. Truong Tan Sang visited and wished a Happy New Year to staff in Tan Duc Industrial Park

At midday on 5 January, 2008 ( 29th in the lunar new year), in Duc Hoa district, Long An province, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, Standing Politburo Member and Permanent Member of the Secretariat of the Vietnam Communist Party Central Committee wished a Happy New Year to staff in Tan Duc Industrial Park of Tan Duc Investment Joint Stock Company ( an affiliate company of Tan Tao Group-Ho Chi Minh city).

16 enterprises seeking investment opportunities in Tan Duc Industrial Park

During the week ending 5 January, 2008, 16 domestic and foreign enterprises agreed to lease land and factory plants in the Tan Duc Industrial Park.

AGRITA Energy and Mechanic Industrial Park

On 12 December, 2007, Tap Tao Group officially submitted the detailed schematic design 1/2000 and AGRITA for the Urban Area & Mechanical Energy Industrial Park project. The Park is to be developed on an approximated 700 ha area by Hung Yen provincial departments and branches.

Tan Tao-Ha Nam IP - Green light given to the development of industrial parks nationwide

Ha Nam province approve Tan Toa Group’s policy document giving a green light to investment in, and the building of, Tan Tao-Ha Nam Industrial Park (ITAHAN IP).

Tan Tao Industrial Park Prepares to Celebrate the great holidays

Tan Tao IP Corporation are currently coordinating with the Union of Hepza, HCM City Youth Union, HCM City Youth’s House of Culture, The Culture & Sport Center of Binh Tan District and the Sponsor of Kaila Cosmetics to celebrate great holidays (4/22/2007). Celebrations are centred upon the following events:

Tan Duc Industrial Park - a New Clean and Modern Industrial Area.

Tan Duc industrial Park (Duc Hoa District, Long An Province) is far more than a generic industrial area. It is embarking upon a series of new projects which will create a fertile environment not only for flourishing enterprises but also workers and their families.

Vietnamese Diplomats Visit Tan Duc Investment Corporation.

Afternoon of 9 August, 2007. Thirty Vietnamese Foreign Affairs Ministry employees (term 2007-2010) visit the Tan Duc Investment Corporation.

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