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Kien Luong 1 Thermal Power Plant Project wins high appraisal from Ministry of Industry and Trade

The basic design appraisal meeting on the Kien Luong 1 thermal power project was held on December 23, 2008 in Hanoi

The 2x600MW Kien Luong coal fired power plant stage 1 is a power source investment project included in the National Power Development Master Plan for the period 2006-2015, in perspective of 2025.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) held the basic design appraisal meeting, on the Kien Luong 1 thermal power plant project, owned by the Tan Tao Energy Corporation, which took place December 23 in Hanoi. The attendance included representatives from the Government Office, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the People‘s Committee of Kien Giang province, Vietnam Electric Corporation, Viet Nam Heat Technical Science Association, executives of the ITA Group and consulting companies for the Kien Luong thermal power plant and Nam Du deep water port project.

According to the President of the ITA Group and Mr.Thai Van Men, owner of the Kien Luong thermal power project, the country has recently enjoyed a rapid economic growth in the regional and global integration; thus, energy supply, particularly power supply is crucial for sustaining economic development of the country, while hydropower capacity is estimated at only 60 billion KWh compared with the national power demand 200 billion KWh in 2020.

Considering the urgent need for power, the Government issued: Document No.1385/TTg-KTN dated August 25, 2008 approving the ITA Group to investigate and develop the stage one and two of the Kien Luong Thermo Power Center. The Kien Luong Thermal Power Center in the Master Power Plant 6 has been endorsed by the Government.

The construction of the 1,200 MW Kien Luong 1 thermal power plant composed of generating unit 1 scheduled to start operation in 2013 and generating unit 2 to operate in 2014 is projected to supply 7,200-7,800 GWh per year for the demand load of the Southern region and the whole country.

The Power Engineering Consulting Company 2 (PECC2), a consulting unit for the Kien Luong 1 Thermal Power Project presented the project design fundamentals and addressed the issues of coal supply, fuel import, technical measures, coal feed and slag removing systems, cooling system, water supply, smoke desulphurization, waste water treatment, fire prevention and fire fighting…etc.

According to the development plans of the regional power sources, regional power consumption forecast and national power grid development plan, the Kien Luong 1 plant will be connected to the national power grid through 500KV and 220KV transmission lines.

Another significant issue is the measures for minimizing environmental pollution during the construction and operation period. In order to strictly control waste smoke to ensure stack dust concentration in comply with the TCVN7440-2005 standard, the Kien Luong 1 will install high efficiency electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and a 210m double pipe chimney in accordance with the TCVN 5937-2005 standard.

The Kien Luong 1 primarily uses coal imported from Indonesia, Australia and Russian Federation with an annual demand for caol of 3,5 million tons per year.

The transit port will be built for the development of the power center. Its construction site has been located on the Hon Lon Island in Nam Du archipelago. The Nam Du port will have a designed capacity of between 70,000 DWT and 150,000 DWT and the 10,000 DWT port system will be constructed in Kien Luong power center to host 5,000 to 10,000 DWT ships used to transport coal from the Nam Du permanent port.

At the meeting, the Vietnam Heat Technical Association, the Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Electrics Corp and Ministry of Industry and Trade appreciated the feasibility of the Kien Luong Thermal project, its scientific construction as well as the selection of suitable consultants. The participating delegates and specialists also contributed opinions to better the base design of the project for the timely progress of the operation.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ta Van Huong, Head of the MIT‘s Energy Department of Ministry underlined: “The Kien Luong 1 thermal power plant project belonging to the Master Plan 6 has been approved by the Prime Minister and is an important power supply project for the Southern region to meet the sharply increasing power demand in the process of national industrialization and modernization. The Ministry of Industry and Trade appreciates Tan Tao Energy Corp‘s basic design of the Kien Luong plant with its scientific and feasible construction plan undertaken by renowned domestic and international consultants”.

The Nam Du port is planned to have an annual handling capacity of 50 million tons of coal used in serving the power plants in the Southern region.

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