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About Tan Tao Group from Third Parties

Tan Tao Investment Industry: First Mover Advantage

Though the concept of investing in industrial parks has been around for decades, ITA has been the industry pioneer and has built a highly successful business model by acquiring a strategic land area and building high-quality industrial parks. The Tan Tao Industrial Park, the company’s flagship development, is just 12km away from central Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of Vietnam’s industrialization.

Company Visit Note

Tan Tao IP (ITA) is an industrial estate developer in the HCMC area with foreign ownership of 34.15%. Management plans to build a conglomerate that will diversify revenues by developing infrastructure (water, power, toll roads) in the medium term.

Tan Tao Investment and Industry Corporation: ITA – HOSE

Tan Tao Investment Industry Corporation (ITA) is one of the leading industrial park evelopers in Vietnam operating two successful industrial parks, Tan Tao and Tan Duc. With a base in industrial parks, ITA Group is now expanding its operation and has 42 big real estate and infrastructure projects.

Tan Tao Industrial Park Corporation: Ticker ITA

In Jan 08, the management released its plan to increase the legal capital to VND2000bn and go to list its shares in Singapore Stock Exchange in 2008.

Bargain hunting in Viet Nam

Vietnam's economy and capital market have become a falling start. After nearly doubling in value in the year ended March 21, 2007, the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange – HOSE, for short – plummeted 68% in the following 15 months, wipingout all its previous gains. Daily tradinbg on the HOSE is down to $5 million from $100 million a year ago.

Vietnam: a cyclical crisis in a structural uptrend

Vietnam is undergoing a typical emerging market crisis, but its long-term growth prospects remain better than in many other emerging economies.

Russell Investments has added companies in Vietnam to the Russell Global Index for the first time

Nine Vietnamese firms qualified for addition as a result of the annual reconstitution process and were added to the global index as well as several sub-components such as the Russell Emerging Markets Index, Russell Asia Index and Russell Asia Pacific Index.