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Vietnam Gets Tough on State Firms in Growth Push: Southeast Asia

Vietnam plans tougher rules to accelerate a revamp of state-owned enterprises, including firing chief executives, adding to efforts to clean up bad debt in the banking industry and revive the economy.

U.S., Vietnam still far apart on clothing in trade talks

U.S. efforts to forge a "21st Century" trade agreement with Vietnam and 10 other countries in the Asia Pacific region are running into problems mired in the past, including a textile trade policy that U.S. industry does not want to give up.

Vietnam’s Defense Chief Makes First Visit to Pentagon

Vietnam's defense chief visited the Pentagon yesterday, a milestone 40 years after the end of U.S. military action in the once-divided nation.

Vietnam Leader in China Seeks Export Gains Amid Sea Tension

Talks between the presidents of Vietnam and China, their first meeting since China’s leadership change, will focus on bolstering economic ties even as tensions rise over disputed territory in the South China Sea.

Vietnam’s Central Bank Says It Intervened to Slow Dong Decline

The State Bank of Vietnam said it intervened “with reasonable volume” in the foreign-exchange market to slow a slide in the dong fueled by increasing dollar demand from importers.

Vietnam court sentences 4 men to prison for arranging 2 illegal voyages for would-be migrants

A Vietnamese court sentenced four men to up four years in prison for arranging two illegal sea voyages to Australia for more than 60 would-be migrants, a judge said Wednesday.

Dung Passes Confidence Vote as Vietnam Economic Growth Slows

Vietnam’s prime minister secured enough support from parliament during the communist country’s first confidence vote to keep his job, with almost a third of lawmakers rating him poorly as economic growth stagnates.

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