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September 12, 2022,Tan Tao Investment and Industry Joint Stock Company (ITACO) sent a Calling For Urgent Help to the Key Leaders of the Party and State,

Political Ministry Members, Committee Members of the Central Party, Delegates of the National Assembly, National Assembly Delegations of Provinces and cities.

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What does ITA have?

The market is created by humans and affection always predominate reason. Fear and greed will boost stock price higher or make it lower than the true value of the company. Therefore, to achieve a sustainable success, the real value, advances and prospects of the company should be viewed and evaluated.

With the market capitalization of about US$ 300 million, what is the true value of ITA stock?

Tan Tao Group Introduction

Tan Tao Group Introduction

ITACO with new opportunities

The economy has shown a sign of recovery since early 2014 and has gradually entered a stable stage. The inflow of foreign investments together with the TPP accession opportunity and Japanese and Korean investors shifting investments from China to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam has been thoroughly taken advantage of by the Board of Management of ITACO. By the end of August 2014, the Tan Duc Industrial Park particularly attracted 12 new investment projects with a total registered capital of USD 30 million. Therefore, its revenue and profits of the eight months have nearly met its revenue and profit target for 2014.

Invitation to prospective bidders for submission of proposals for Joint Development of Kien Luong 1 Thermal Power Plant

With the purpose of seeking eligible and competent bidders with adequate capabilities, experience for long-term cooperation to jointly develop the Project, TEC would like to request all bidders to submit proposals demonstrating proven capability, experience in investment or/and construction of thermal power plants in Vietnam or internationally, financing arrangement, proven experience in operating thermal power plants (if any), providing add-on value to the Project.

Kien Luong 1 project approved by Vietnam Government to change into Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

On February 20, 2014, the Government Office issued the Official Letter No. 1167/VPCP-KTN notifying the opinion of the Government Office to allow Tan Tao Energy Corporation to convert the investment form of Kien Luong 1 Thermal Power Plant Project in Kien Giang Province into Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT).

Tan Tao Group: Announcement on change in Business Registration Certificate

On May 3, 2013, Tan Tao Investment and Industry Corporation (Tan Tao Company) received the Business Registration Certificate changed for the 15th time issued by the HCM City Department of Planning and Investment on April 26, 2012 regarding the registration of increase of Tan Tao Company’s charter capital to VND 5,608,332,410,000. Reason: Issuance of 115,678,032 set-off shares

Annual shareholders' meeting 2011

Tan Tao Investment & Industry Corporation announced that the 2011 General Assembly of the company’s shareholders will take place on April 28, 2011, at Tan Tao University, Tan Duc Ecity, Duc Hoa Dist., Long An Province. Although the country’s economy is expected to stay in recession and face the unprecedented problems, the Group will still set the target to maintain the profit growth rate and the dividend payout and bonus share offering ratio of 50%.

Tan Tao Group: Invitation to the annual general shareholders meeting - 2011

Tan Tao Investment & Industry Corporation announced that the 2011 General Assembly of the company’s shareholders will take place on April 28, 2011, at Tan Tao University, Tan Tao University Avenue, Tan Duc Ecity, Duc Hoa Dist., Long An Province

Tan Tao Group: Minutes of the Annual general shareholders meeting 2010

Tan Tao Company is the leading industrial parks and technical infrastructure developer, and is the first non-state owned company being granted the land for industrial parks investment and development by the Prime Minister for the first time.

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