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ITAGROUP Program of the 2008 annual shareholders’ meeting

Program of the 2008 annual shareholders’ meeting.


13h00 Delivery of materials, votes to the shareholders

14h00 National Flag Salutation, opening remarks – introduction of participants

14h10 Introduction and approvals of the Chairperson, the Inspection Committee and the Board of Secretary of the Meeting

14h20 Approval of the Meeting’s Regulations

14h35 Report of shareholders’ status verification for the Meeting

2. Main agenda

14h45 Report from President of ITA Group on Business result in 2007 and Business Plan in 2008

15h00 Approval of the Financial Vice President of ITA Group of Financial Statements in 2007, audited by A&C Company

15h15 Report from the Inspection Committee on Business Operations, Financial
Situation in 2007, and Business Plan for 2008

15h30 Report from the Chairwoman on the Implementation of the Resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meeting

15h35 Statements on:

· The amendments to the Company Charter

· The regulations of confidential information

· Approval of 02 supplementary members for the Inspection Committee

· Approval of 03 supplementary members for the Board of Management

16h00 Report from the Chairwoman on Resolution’s draft, discussion and ratification

30-minute break (counting the votes)

17h25 Report on vote counting results

17h35 Announcement of new Board of Management and Inspection Committee

17h45 Approval of the Shareholders’ Meeting resolution

3. Closing

17h55 Closing remarks from leaders of ITA Group

18h00: Dinner