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Luong Thuy Thao - Aspiring to the Pinnacle of Knowledge

Itaexpress – Luong Thuy Thao is a provincial students. She studies and lives at HCMC. Thao is considered to be typical of the dynamical creative young knowledge generation. She always tries her best to perfect herself and strive towards her future dream.

This year, Luong Thuy Thao will be twenty-two years old. She grew up in Quang Nam Province and she is now in her final year of the Economic university, her department is Trading and Tourism. Her achievement are impressive. She has continually recieved the school’s scholarship and is, at present, not only a member of the Trade Union but also secretary to the Youth Union.

Her family situation is particularly arduous. Her parents work in the textile industry, which provides the family with very little income. With the aspiration to change the lives of their children for the better, her parents have suffered great hardship in order to send Luong Thuy Thao and her sister to school. In her letter to “ITA Foundation for the Future”, Thao said: “My mother suffers badly from arthritis. Often it is too painful for my mother to go to work or carry out everyday tasks . However, my parent still try their best to provide the best for my sister and I”.

Aware of her family's difficult situation, Thao tries her best to study, look after her parents and forge a more promising future for herself. In 2006, Thao scored the second highest mark in an examination of students across the whole country. She also recently achieving a B in science researching. In addition to studying hard and helping her mother, Thao also manages to find time for a pat-time job which provides a small income she can put towards her study and living expenses. Although her life is difficult, and continues to lack many things, her and her family are still optimistic for a brighter future.

Thao has the burning dream to one day open a commercial department student. In order to reach this end Thao is currently looking for appropriate professional experience whilst also applying for suitable post-graduate courses. Little by little she is working to make her dream become a reality. Further, Thao has a plan to open a second-hand bookshop which will market its products at the low-income reader. For this project she was awarded the second prize in a nation wide competition in 2006.

Being a provincial students, Thao experiences a lot of difficulties living and studing at HCMC. However, Thao is a typical of her dynamical creative young knowledge generation. She is always trying her best to perfect herself and make a reality her dream. “In addition to going to work, I am continuing my higher education. She desires to have a chance to work in a multinational Group, and work in a foreign country. After 10 years, she believes she will be competent enough, and have gained enough experience, to manage an effective corporation. Because she has started from such arduous situation, and little by little is working her way up, she always tries her best to help the poor, especially if they are a hard working pupil or student.

Thao has always had a burning aspiration to reduce the disadvantages of those who have come from a similar background to her. Thao does not have a lofty and unrealistic ambition. She has a burning desire which she is, little by little, making a reality. We wish this poor student, who has a will to overcome her difficulties, all the luck to reach her aspiration.

By: Ngoc BichTranslator: Ngoc Tran