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Brief scope of Kien Luong & Nam Du Port

Kien Luong Port is scheduled to be one of the biggest industrial South West Part of Vietnam and a leverage to promote the industrialization process in Kien Giang Province. Taking this opportunity, the Tan Tao Investment & Industry Corporation is planning to invest a Power Plant Project with final capacity of 5200 MW.

The proposed Jetty and approach channel of the port of Hon Chong - Kien Giang Coal Thermo-power Center for the construction investment project of Hon Chong - Kien Giang Coal Thermo-­power Plant shall be constructed in Binh An village, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province.

The approach channel for the 70,000DWT~150,000DWT coal vessel, with the range from the North of Hon Chong with a length of approx. 50km, crossing the North West of Ba Lua islands about 10km, following the approach channel to Holcim Cement Factory, then running toward the West about 40km, shall be used to transport coals to supply Hon Chong Coal Thermo-power Plant which locate in the South East of Ha Tien town, 20km away from Ha Tien town.

According to the above, Nam Du island is chosen to be built 70,000DWT~150,000DWT large-scale terminal berths for saving investment, which are used for berthing large-scale vessels from out sea, and then doing the transport operation using smaller ships, so it can make use of the existing cement mill’s channel and the smaller ship (5,000~10,000DWT) can go to jetty of coal thermo-power center, and the width and length of approach channel for Kien Luong port reduce to 90m and 26km.

According to the design, annual coal consumption for the power plant in phase 1 is 3,298,305 tons/year, and in phase 2 is 6,596,610 tons/year, the final is 12,093,785 ton/year. The coal resource is projected to be transported from Indonesia or Australia.