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Tan Duc Office Building Project.

It express - Tan Duc Office Building Project of ITA GROUP located lot 10, Duc Hoa Ha Road, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

It is estimated that by 2010 there will be between 1300 1500 small and large enterprises operating in Tan Duc Industrial Park and Duc Hoa Diatrict. This will result in a rising demands for accompanied services such as construction, transportion and consultancy.

The Project Of Tan Duc Office Building

Location: Long An Province

Area: 9,339 m2

Investor: Saigon – Tan Duc Investment Corporation

One of the special characteristics of this project is that companies ( or representatives of those companies) are not allowed to construct on a large area within the industrial zone. Instead they are allowed to construct small offices from which they can operate their business. Meanwhile, Duc Hoa area has provided a concentrated and convenient commercial centre from which companies can lease offices to their representatives. This new office space will be used by representatives to operate their services.

An 8 storey block ( not including the commercial storey and hi – tech one) is 30m high, the total floor space been constructed is 10.224 m².

Architectural mode : Office Building

Ground floor : Banking services

1st floor : Restaurant

2nd – 7th floor : Office for lease

8th floor : Conference room

Terrace : Corrugated iron roof

Therefore, the project of Tan Duc Office Building is reserved for enterprises to lease and thus meet the very urgent requirements demanded of companies to provide a convenient office-space within the Industrial Zone. It is hoped that this new office space will provide enterprises and individuals with a working space inside, and next to the Industrial Zone, thus satisfying all their business needs. It is also hoped that this will contribute to better services being provided and fewer demands being placed on investors to move.