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Intelligent Transport System Set for First-Time Use in Vietnam

Top view of the highway model
in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Tan Son Nhat-Tan An highway project will apply the principles of the ‘Intelligent Transport System’ to manage traffic flows. This advanced technology, currently in use in Japan, Europe and North America, will be applied for the first time in Vietnam.

ITS is a newly developed technology designed to work out road traffic issues including congestion and even accidents. The ITS makes use of advanced information technology and telecommunications to connect people, traffic systems and circulating vehicles into a network of information facilitating optimal traffic flow. Electronic sensors will be installed on the road surface to gather data on traffic volume and rate, climate and other relevant factors. This information will be analyzed and processed by a computer system, then returned to inform drivers of traffic situations on the road (accidents, traffic backups, weather, etc.) to help drivers select the optimal traffic solutions and to cut down the number of accidents and congestions to the greatest extent; as a result, it will ensure the shortest duration of drive time and optimal safety of vehicles on the road.