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Date for dividend payment in 2008

ITA GROUP answers questions from shareholder Vo Thanh Hai at his email: vthviettel@gmail.com, about its 2008 dividend payment.


I currently hold 22,950 ITA shares; my share acquisition date is August 28, 2008. Could Company tell me how many phases the dividend payment of ITA shares in 2008 will be divided into? And for such my share acquisition date, do I receive my dividend payment? If received, when will I get them?


Dear Shareholder

We understand and sympathize with Shareholder for such concern. However, Shareholder should calm down and consider all aspects to avoid losses. In principle, Tan Tao Group is not a financial or securities company, therefore, despite the recent drop in share price, Tan Tao Group‘s existing assets completely don’t witness any decline. On the other hand, Tan Tao Group has continued to conduct site clearance and compensation and has acquired over 500 ha land for the development of Tan Duc 2 Industrial Park and Ecity Urban Zone. In addition, while a lot of companies and groups have suffered losses, the Group still conducts normal business operation. The after-tax accumulated profits of Tan Tao Group reach more than VND 800 billion, guaranteeing 50 percent dividend payment for 2008.

At present, we are requesting shareholders’ opinion and will submit it to the State Securities Commission to undertake timely dividend payment in 2008, making shareholders more profitable before the 2009 tax policy for securities business.

However, the fourth quarter 2008 dividend payment of 50 percent is subject to the decision of the State Securities Commission.

We will announce the payment date at the Tan Tao Group‘s official website at: http://www.itaexpress.com.vn after obtaining official permission for dividend payment.

We expect Shareholder makes thorough consideration and prudent assessment to have good and sound decisions.

Thankfully Yours