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Hoa Trang Nguyen: Award for Outstanding Young Vietnamese

In October each year, the Hoa Trang Nguyen Award seeks and honors new outstanding students at the Awards Ceremony. This year, the Award honors 287 outstanding awardees who won medals at the international academic competitions, won the first place in the national competition, and had the highest scores at the national High School Graduation Examination.

Achievements from efforts

Cheerful and smiling faces are common among young, outstanding students selected for Hoa Trang Nguyen Award this year. They all have made quiet efforts to overcome difficulties and achieve high academic results.

It is Nguyen Van Thanh, a freshman from the People’s Security Academy. He is one of five students having the highest score at the 2016 National High School Graduation Examination in Lao Cai province. With 27 points in Group C, Thanh was selected to be presented the Award.

Hoa Trang Nguyen Awards Ceremony for Northern region

Or other awardees such as Nguyen Dac Hieu with a bronze medal at the International Biology Olympiad, Vu Thi Trinh with a Gold Medal at the International Biology Olympiad ... These young people with their ambition have made their best efforts to excel in study to assert themselves.

In the list of 287 awarded students this year, some has overcome obstacles and control their destiny to achieve such results and have found a way to live their best for the present.

As of today, Dinh Thi Huong Thao who has won the International Physics Olympiad Gold Medal still creates pride for her school, teachers and friends.

Born to a normal family, in which her parents sell noodles to make a living and none of her relatives are involved in education or academic fields, but Huong Thao has a passion for Physics. That passion has motivated her to make endless efforts and achieve outstanding results.

Become a role model to overcome fear

In his remarks at the Hoa Trang Nguyen Awards Ceremony for Nothern region, Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan, co-chair of the Award Council said: Identifying, fostering, development, and using talents have great importance for any nation to become prosperous.

It is also more significant for Vietnam which is seriously affected by climate change and natural disasters, with many advantages as well as challenges in its development proccess.

The Hoa Trang Nguyen Award, which was launched in 2008, has become a source of great encouragement to students with high academic achievements, who are always at the forefront of education, research and dedication.

Over 9 years of the Award, Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan shared his happiness when many awardees have grown up and have made positive contributions and has shown gratitude to those who have provided great care to them. Particularly, people expect that Hoa Trang Nguyen students continue to try harder for the future of the country...

Over the past 9 years, the Hoa Trang Nguyen Award has still kept its original meaning like the first day since each year will bring more blooming Hoa Trang Nguyen flowers – faces of outstanding students with relentless efforts ...