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A Wish to see Her Parents Again.

We had a chance to come back to Tan Lan Junior High School at Can Duoc, Long An province on the first day school of a new year 2007-2008. This time we met Ms. Vo Thi Minh Thu-one of these brilliant examples of a good learner who has overcome their difficulties with their incredible energy.

Leaving for her school, Minh Thu took us along a small road leading to her grandparents’ house where she is currently living.. It is a small thatched house, beaten-earth floor and simple furniture

When we arrived her grandparents stopped working to come and meet us. Her grandfather expressed his high appreciation of ITA Foundation for Future of ITA GROUP, which will offer his granddaughter a scholarship, drastically reducing her school, fees. As her grandparents told us, “Her parents died, when she was 6 – year- old and she has lived with us up to now. Her older brother lives with his paternal family. We would love to help her more but we are old. Everyday we sell incense but this does not provide enough income to support her study…”

Pointing out his daughter’s portrait, the grandfather said “this is my daughter, who was good-looking and had a beautiful character. My son-in-law also died later two year biennial….All our affection is saved for her. Her grandmother and I try our best do to support her study but of course the help from ITA Foundation will make a huge difference.”

Throughout this story, Minh Thu’s granddaughter remained sitting quietly in the corner. I saw her eyes turn to her mother dead’s portrait, sometime. Maybe it is too much when told about her mother.

Minh Thu and her grandfather

At school, Thu is an obedient pupil, good learner, good monitor, and dynamic deputy detachment. In 2003-2004 year, she was awarded the prize for the best student at district level. This year Thi Minh Thuwas awarded the prize for the best pupil in her school. She is always good pupil and loved by her teacher. The academic achievements of Thu are also a great honour for her grandparents. It serves as a great motivation, that helps her overcome difficulties.

Thi Minh Thu is a pretty grl who makes an impressive first impression, coming across as older and far more mature than her age would expect. Looking her you could not guess that she comes from such a deprived background. Indeed, when talking to us Thu spoke rarely of her own bad luck. But her dream gave us a deep insight into her motivations: “I know, I do not have favourable conditions on my side, so I must try my to best study …I want to become a teacher, I will love and teach my students well…about my dream….I wish I could meet again my parents. My parents died when I was so small. I miss and love my parents so much.”

Minh Thu helps her grandparents dry the incense

Through her teacher, Thu knew ITA Foundation for Future, which supports people, such as her. Thu hopes that she will be one of these pupils confirmed and offered scholarship. Thu said: “If I receive a scholarship, my grandparents will have a great burden taken off their shoulders; I keep my mind on my study…”

By : Kim TuyenTranslator : Thanh Trung