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Tan Duc Industrial Park - a New Clean and Modern Industrial Area.

Tan Duc industrial Park (Duc Hoa District, Long An Province) is far more than a generic industrial area. It is embarking upon a series of new projects which will create a fertile environment not only for flourishing enterprises but also workers and their families.

It is hoped that Tan Duc Industrial Park will become a ‘dynamic-development’ industrial park which will both stimulate the growth of new industry and provide a new type of innovative ecological space.

The Tan Duc Industrial Park boasts an advantageous location. It is connected to province road No 830, 824 and 825 (province road No. 10 – HCMC), which is connected to Nation Highway 1A, HCMC. It is alsolinked to the Vam Co Dong River. All Provinces are easily accessible from the site.

Further, the Park will have low land-leasing price and new business will enjoy preferential treatment. These preferential regulations will include tax preference (15% in ten years), free tax (three years when enterprises have a taxable turnover, remaining seven years only count 50% of 15%, about 7.5%), a time-limit of investment license less than 3 days; customs formalities will be " one-door ", fast credit facilities will be available, and capital will be able to be borrowed medium and long term with preferential interest rates.

At present, Tan Duc industrial park has completed its first phase of infrastructure development and attracted 71 domestic investor and 13 foreign investors. Two factories have come into operation and 24 manufactories have begun construction. Approximately 30 factories will come into operation at the end of 2007 and these will attract an estimated 100,000 employees. With a view to further improving the conditions for investors Tan Duc Investment Corporation has begun constructing manufactories which will be either leased or sold. The manufactories area built on 25 ha of land and ten years following payment the manufactory will belong to customer.

In parallel to the investment in infrastructure the Tan Tao Investment Corporation is also investing in the construction of ‘Inhabitant’, a services centre which will become the centre-piece of a modern and integrated industrial town community.

A model modern-industrial town environment

There will be 422.6 ha of land dedicated to the development of an urban residential area. 167.3 ha of land will dedicated to the development of a sport complex and entertainment area. 33.5 ha will be used to develop the Vam Co Dong river port, whilst the East Southern Community will be developed on another 100 ha of land.

A complete infrastructure will include the following: manufactories, warehouses, transportation, work station system, a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 20,000 m3 per day, a system providing clean water supply with a capacity of 48,000 m3 per day. An eight-storey building 9,339 m2 in area will be constructed. A communication system with 5,000 domestic to international lines will be developed whilst an IT infrastructure system will be set-up to meet the demands of the telecommunication network. Tan Duc will become the second IP of Southern Applies Information Technology and become the first IP in the whole country. This development will be funded by a total invested capital of an estimated VND 37.6 billion.

In order to become a model modern-industrial town which meets the demands of enterprises, workers, and residents, Tan Duc IP will also constructs a full banking service, insurance, health care, an education centre, warehouses, indemnity, a supermarket, a trading centre and an entertainment facility.

Mr. Thai Van Men – General Director of Tan Duc Investment Corporation and investor at Tan Duc IP said:

“Tan Duc IP is one of the model IPs in the country. It will not only develop a modern industrial town zone but will also develop important welfare projects, which will give special preference to those who live and work locally. “

It is expected that the Tan Duc Industrial Park will be completed within two years of work commencing. The investors are confident that it will provide a fertile and attractive environment to new investors who will bring not only their flourishing enterprises, their workers and their families.

By: Cong Huy

Translator: Ngoc Tran