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ITA-SKy Building In Hanoi

ITA Sky in Ha Noi

Taserco - a subsidiary held 100% by ITACO has recieved a construction Permit to build a ITA-SKY office building. The building, which will be built in Hanoi, will be 45m-heigh with two basements. The site is located in an Old Street of Hanoi.

This is the first office building to be built with the Green Energy Program. The construction will be completed by the lunnar New year of 2009. ITA Group with its subsidiaries such as ITA BANK, ITA-Securities, Ita-Power, Ita-Water, Ita-ways, Ita-rice, Milky US. Itaexpress.com will use 50% of the building. The rest of the building will be rented out to ITA Group's Partners.