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Tan Tao Industrial Park’s hostel – a second home for employees

Tan Tao Industrial Park has attracted over 20 thousand employees, 80 percent of them come from other provinces so that their renting house demands becomes a high pressure.

At present, 250,000 people are employed in Ho Chi Minh City’s industrial parks and export processing zones. Provincial employees who live in a renting house account for around 70 percent.

Ho Chi Minh City Labor Union reported that the living standard of the workers is much lower than of city-dwellers. Besides, they have to pay average VND 180,000 monthly for house. Such payment is just enough for small rooms surrounding their workplaces. A supervising agency recorded that numerous employees are living in the slums nearby sewage system, industrial wastes, garbage dumps, etc.

In order to meet the employees’ housing demand and reduce pressure for local authority of Binh Tan District, ITA Group decided to build a hostel for its staff and employees.

The hostel, became operational in 2005, aims at to create a friendly and spacious place for employees. Its location is on a land of 2.881 square meters at the corner of Road 4 and Tran Dai Nghia street, in the 32 ha resettlement zone of the expanded Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city.

The hostel, which was designed by the Southern Informatics Engineering – Investment Corporation, has 44 rooms providing accommodations for over 200 emplyees of the group and several businesses.

The running water at the hostel is supplied from well drilling pumped onto water tower to distribute over the expanded Tan Tao Industrial Park.

The renting price at the hostel ranges from VND 500 to 600 thousand for each 24-30 square meters room.

ITA Group is going to build a more quality hostels to provide accommodation for professional staff and employees in the industrial park with preferential rent.