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Tan Tao-Ha Nam IP - Green light given to the development of industrial parks nationwide

Ha Nam province approve Tan Toa Group’s policy document giving a green light to investment in, and the building of, Tan Tao-Ha Nam Industrial Park (ITAHAN IP).

ITAHAN IP will be constructed on an estimated 800 ha area of land. 200 ha has been reserved for the development of an urban zone and auxiliary areas. At this moment, Phuong Nam company, a subsidiary of Tan Tao Group, is preparing a 1/2000 schematic design which they plan to submit to Ha Nam province in early January 2008.

ITAHAN IP is located along National Road 1A. A new Hanoi-Vinh national road, which is currently in construction, will soon provide a faster road-link. Further, ITAHAN IP has the benefit of the National Railway System’s freight station which is located directly in front of the Park. This will provide an indispensable connection for the transportation of freight for equipments, merchandises and raw materials transportation. It is also expected that this link will also help to cut production costs, thereby contributing towards the competitiveness of investors in the consumer market.

The Industrial Park is also in close proximity to the University campus and vocational schools which have recently been established and are currently enrolling students. It is expected that these schools will provide ITAHAN IP with a rich source of skilled manpower giving an outstanding advantage to ITAHAN IP over other numerous industrial parks where labor force continues to be an issue.

Detailed scheme of Tan Tao-Hanam Industrial Park

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