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Tan Duc Industrial Park Development Begins

Development commenced for sites in Tan Duc Industrial Park based on 23 agreements and 50 contracts established in 2007 with domestic and foreign businesses.

As of December 2007 (the end of phase 1), 82 customers have expressed a desire for land and factory plant leasing at Tan Duc Industrial Park. Leased land covers an area of 162.4 hectares, while 45 factory plants for lease cover an area of 22.8 hectares. The Industrial Park started construction on phase 2 on December 15, 2007 (271.2 hectare scale; investment capital reaching VND 994 billion). So far, five factories have gone into operation and 45 plants are under construction. It is expected that 30 factories and enterprises will go into operation by the end of 2008, which will attract about 5,000 laborers. After completion of phase 2, the Industrial Park will draw 100 to 150 businesses to make investments.

Moreover, with the investment capital of VND 5,840 billion on infrastructure of a 348-hectare Residential Area in phase 2, Tan Duc Residential Zone will become a high-end urban area, meeting the demands of development in Long An province and neighboring areas. In 2011, the University of Southeast Asia will open with an annual enrollment of 20,000 students, which will provide significant manpower for the development of the Industrial Park.

A factory in Tan Duc Industrial Park.