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Newspapers judge Ita Group

ItaExpress – Celebrated as one of the most successful Industrial Parks in the whole country, after 10 years of operation ITA GROUP continues to grow.

What is the nature of Tan Tao’s activity, development and orientation? Successful or secret? The information below about Tan Tao and its members is taken from newspaper articles.

1. Tan Duc Industrial Park has invested and applied the use of information technology. This information was reported in Long An Newspapers on 11th March 2007. Following that report, the Board of ITA GROUP took the decision to invest in Tan Duc and make it the second Industrial Park in the South of Vietnam (after Tan Tao Industrial Park) using applied information technology. It is the first Industrial Park in whole country which supplies, guarantees and protects services using the applied information technology. Southern Engineering & Informatics Investment Corporation (brief S.E.I), a member of ITA GROUP, duty manage this service.

2. On Friday, 22 June 2007 the Tuoi Tre Newspapers reported that Tan Duc Investment Corporation had begun construction of 50 warehouses within in the Industrial Park. This decision was taken with a view to improve the conditions for enterprises which newly come into operation (Economic column – Tan Duc Industrial Park: Constructing warehousing for enterprises.). More still, Tan Duc Corporation constructed 30 houses at Tan Duc residential area for the poor at Long An Province and ITA GROUP’s workers.

3. In June 2007, Cong Nghe Newspapers printed an article with the following title: ‘A leading Industrial Park Attracts Investment and Development’. Following the publication of the article, Tan Tao’s staggering economic success is appreciated in three ways. First, it has led the way in attracting investment and development, both internal and foreign. Domestic investment continues to be the most important. Second, a leading number of enterprises have come into operation. Thirdly, it has lead investment and development in the Industrial Park with a range of projects. More still, ITA GROUP is a leader in funding charity organizations across Vietnam.

4. 21 June, 2007, the Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep published an article about Tan Tao’s economic activity. The article reported the benefits of the favorable geography, infrastructure, service, and activities enjoyed by the Industrial Park. Specifically the article emphasized to efforts being made to diversify the forms of trading of ITA GROUP. Through investment at many local areas across the whole country, Tan Tao is directing investment towards development in order to become a powerful economic Group. The economic strength of the Group is clearly evident in Industrial Community – Inhabitants – Services in Tan Duc, Second Nhon Trach Industrial Park – Dong Nai Province, Itatrans, Taserco.

5. Tan Tao signed one of its most valuable contracts when President Nguyen Minh Triet visited the United States. The contract was agreed with a maritime port group, Thermoelectric plant. Tan Tao’s partners’ experts traveled to Vietnam to design the Industrial Park following standard American design. It is expected that this will attract investors in heavy industry, hi – tech, high valuable industry and clean technology industry. This information appeared in the Economy section of the Tuoi Tre Newspapers on Thursday, 5th July 2007 (the article: Hurried with USA partners).

6. On the same day, Thoi Bao Kinh Te Viet Nam Newspapers published an article about the plan proposed by Mrs. Dang Thi Hoang Yen, Chairwoman of the Board of ITA GROUP, to open Tan Tao will open an ITA Bank and ITA Securities in Tan Toa. The article reported ITA GROUP’s activities, orientations, plans, projects. It also reported the reason why Tan Tao focus on investing in Long An Province. In answer to the question What will ITA GROUP do to assure the source of finance for success of national projects? Mrs. Dang Thi Hoang Yen answered that ITA GROUP will co-operate in investment with some partners, who have experience and financial potential in the country and foreign country to set up ITA Bank, ITA Securities and Investment Fund Management Corporation.

By: Kim Tuyen

Translator: Thanh Trung