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1,500 top students awarded across Vietnam

Nguyen Tu Manh Cuong (Nguyen Du gifted high school, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dac Lak) scores the highest mark to two universities.

The Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize 2008 with the aim of honoring students with the best performance in high schools, or with first national prize, international medals and highest scores in the 2008 university entrance exam across Vietnam.

In order to encourage talented students and the most excellent students, the Tan Tao Group has coordinated with the Central Department of Propaganda and Training, Ministry of Education and Training, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee; Association of non-state universities and colleges has established the Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize.

This is the first year the Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize takes place with the desire of connecting and honoring top Vietnamese students. This event is projected to be held annually all over the country.

Accordingly, each student with an international medal will be given a computer. Other members of international competition teams will be offered VND 1 million each.

Students achieving first national prizes will be offered VND 2 million for each and the highest scorers to the 2008 university entrance exam will be presented VND 1 million each.

The most excellent students in high schools will be offered VND 1 million for each.

Besides, all such students will be presented the Certificate of Merit and gifts from the Organizing Board and sponsors.

The Hoa Trang Nguyen 2008 festival night and awarding ceremony will be held in at the Hanoi National University on September 6 and 7, on September 13 and 14 in Ho Chi Minh City and on September 21 in Da Nang City.

Source: Labor Newspaper

Translator: Viet Thang