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Warm-hearted presents from ITA-Foundations

On January 3, 2008, representative of ITA-s (Tan Tao Group) in Hanoi officially offered presents and cash to Nguyen Dinh Chieu High School in Hanoi with a total value of VND 134 million, in which 150 quilted blankets, a VND 84 million sound system and VND 50 million award to 10 students in difficult situations.

On behalf of awarded students, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga, a good student in literature, expressed her gratitude to Tan Tao Group. These presents bring not just its material value but also bear in mind its spiritual meaning, which give an impetus for students to reach better results in their study despite difficulties.

Mr.Pham Huu Quy, Principal of the School said: “Our teachers and students are touched by the meaningful gesture from Tan Tao Group. The sound system will give students the opportunity to be more in touch with the music and reading stories… We are planned to establish an internal radio broadcasting department for the school. This idea arose from the sound system received from Tan Tao Group. Quilted blankets will keep students warm in chilly winter and more importantly, warm-hearted compassion will take its place among them.”

Some photos of the offering ceremony:

Principal Quy (first from left) received the note magnifier from ITA-s
The Representative of ITA-s offered cash to students
The Representative of ITA-s offered quilted blankets to students
A class of blind students