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Press Release: Tan Tao Group launching 3 charity funds

The official ceremony launching the Ita-Foundations will be televised live from the Hanoi Opera House on VTV1 at 10am on 30th September 2007.


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Press release

Tan Tao Group launches 3 charity funds.

On 10th September 2007, the Tan Tao Group will officially launch its year long charity activities worth VND 15 billion in all areas of the country.

The Tan Tao Group has had a reputation as one of the leading Business Corps improving the country's Infrastructure and developing Industrial Parks for the past ten years. Alongside a strong commitment to the development of the country lays a strong desire for social reform and improvement; the ideas of which are now being implemented by the Tan Tao Group ‘s Managing Executives. In May 2007, Ms. Dang Thi Hoang Yen, chairwoman of Tan Tao Group Management Board, signed an agreement for the launching of 3 new charity funds that show a strong commitment and responsibility towards the community, including:

· Ita-Foundation for the future: supporting poor students with the attaiment of excellent results.

· Ita-Foundation for overcoming illnesses: offering financial support for poor patients and the victims of agent orange.

· Ita-Foundation for healing sorrows: supporting heroic Vietnamese mothers, war veterans, revolutionary martyrs, and the victims of flooding and natural disaster.

Through the 2007-2008 fiscal year the Tan Tao Group will spend VND 15 billion on the three Ita-Foundations. Ita representatives will be spread across the country and the funds will be used to directly support people suffering from poverty, hardship, and in ending discrimination based on race, gender, age, or locality.

The e-newspaper ItaExpress (www.itaexpress.com.vn) is comissioned by the Tan Tao Group to manage the three funds. ItaExpress desires the support of other newspapers and agencies in introducing and recommending suitable candidates or families for the ITA's sponsorship. ITA operates continually and therefore there is no deadline for the submission of list of candidates in need of help.

We would like to invite all reporters and journalists to attend the official ceremony launching the ITA Foundations that will also be televised live from the Hanoi Opera House on VTV1 at 10 am on 30th September 2007. The Tan Tao Group will be presenting aid to the individuals sponsored in the first stage of the foundations implementation.

ItaExpress has attached the regulations, content, and range of sponsored individuals for the reference of journalists and reporters.

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