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Application for stock buying.

Issuance of shares as the dividends' Payment for the first Six-Months of 2007

According to Tan Tao Investment-Industry Corp ‘General Shareholders' Resolution N0 03/07 on November 21st 2007, the dividends' Payment for the First six-Month of 2007 was undertaken as follows:

Shareholder General Meeting resolution 11-2007

Shareholder General Meeting resolution approval of offering shares to increase chartered capital, additional listing on Ho Chi Minh Securities Trading Center and dividend share payment, bonus shares, listing additional dividend shares, share awarding

Ita stands the second in ten Top of HoSC

On 1 August BVSC supplied its investors “economy and Vietnam stock market in six month of 2007 year” report.

ITA’s share raised by 14%

Compared to the closing price on 3 August 2007, this week's ITA share rose about 14% and closed at VND 144,000 per share on 10 August 2007.

The minute of Counting votes of The annual shareholders general meeting in 2007

The minute of Counting votes of The annual shareholders general meeting in 2007 Tan Tao Industrial Park Corporation.

ITA Stocks – Remain stable against downturn

ItaExpress - ITA is one of the most stable shares which is not affected by the dramatic fall in Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trade Centre (HoSTC).

Big investors undertake to hold ITA shares within 2 years

02/07/2007. After receiving the decision of The State Securities Committee on permitting Tan Tao to issue 10 millions shares to strategic shareholders, the purchasing volume registered by Foreign Investment Funds increased threefold.

Tan Tao to open ITA Bank & ITA securities - An interview with Mrs. Dang, Chairwomen of the Board of Management of Tan Tao IP Corp.

“Tan Tao Industrial Park is your home” - This is the motto that all of our staff have come to embrace during the growth of our company. From this, it is rightly understood that we wholeheartedly take care of serving, helping and accommodating the enterprises that choose to work with us.

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