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Tan Tao Group makes shareholder's opinion statement

Tan Tao Group makes shareholder's opinion statement on ratio change of Stock dividend payment in shares of 2008.

Dear Shareholders of Tan Tao Investment & Industry Corporation

First of all, the Board of Management of Tan Tao Investment –Industry Corporation would like to thank the Shareholders for their strong support during the past time. According to the audit report of the first 6 months of 2008 by Ernst& Young, Tan Tao Group undistibuted net profit after taxes had reached VND 822 billion. Consequently, the Board of Manegement has decided to increase the ratio of the Stock Dividend payment of 2008 by shares to current shareholders to 50% instead of 30% approved by the General Shareholders Meeting on 02/05/2008.

The Board of Management submits to the shareholders an opinion’s request ballot with the following content:

1. To approve the Stock dividend payment by shares: Stock dividend payment at 50%. The dividend payment is planned for the 4th quarter of 2008.

2. To approve the additional shares listing on Ho Chi Minh City Department of Stock Exchange: right after accomplishing the dividend payment and bonus award phase, the Company will carry out all necessary procedures to deposit, register additional listing in order to introduce this quantity of shares to be offical exchanged on Ho Chi Minh City Department of Stock Exchange.

3. To allow the Board of Management, to issue convertible Bonds up to USD$150 million Dollar to International Investors in order to develop Agrita IP, Itahan IP & Tan Duc E.City. To authorize the Board of management make the decisions on Price, Term, Structure, plans, ect... in the best interest of the Tan Tao Group.

The above Board of Management’s explanation concerns subjects requesting General Shareholders Meeting’s opinion via written document. The Board of Management requests the shareholders to examine and submit their opinion via written document (hereby attached the Shareholders Opinion ballot) of the above mentionned subjects. For any further exchange with the Board of Management, shareholders may email us at: ita@itagroup-vn.com.

Thankfully Yours,

Attached document:

- Shareholder’s Opinion Ballot (please download here).

- Summary of Itahan Industrial Park, Agrita IP & Tan Duc New City.

On the behalf of The Board of Management