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The opening of Tan Duc Kindergarten

On June 4, Tan Duc Kindergarten was officially put into operation at 24A, Tan Duc Residential Area, Duc Hoa, Long An. There are two nursery classes and two kindergarten classess looking after children of all staff and employees working for Tan Duc Industrial Park, Tan Tao Group and Tan Tao University.

The speech of Pham Hoang Man-representative of Student in Tan Tao University on the occasion of Teacher's day

Thank you for being such wonderful teachers, exemplary role models, and caring people. Thank you for knowing your subjects and sharing your knowledge. These are all gifts that are so important to a student's development and that TTU students will always remember, just as they will also remember you.

Introduction of Tan Duc E.city model villas

Tan Duc E.city covering total 348 hectares has been commenced since December 2007. It has completed its infrastructure and an apartment building (including 96 apartments at the offering price of 620 million dong to one billion dong). It is part of Tan Duc industrial park project - residential – service area (around 1,200 hectares in total) developed by Tan Tao Group with the ambition of building a small city full of industrial, commercial, service and residential facilities and particularly a university with the research institutes. This university project has been awarded by the Government Prime Minister.

Vietnam’s largest thermal power plant to soon be commenced

Kien Luong 1 Thermal Power Plant attracts public attention not only for its large capacity but also as the first project being implemented in the BOO form and receiving the Government’s credit guarantee.

A ceremony for starting construction of Hanbell Precision Engineering Co. Ldt. at Tan Duc Industrial Park

In the morning of July 7, a ceremony for starting construction of Hanbell Precision Engineering Co. Ldt., a Taiwainese 100% owned company, was held at Tan Duc IP, Duc Hoa district, Long An province.

Opening ceremony of Tango Candy factory at Tan Duc Industrial Park

Tango Candy Co.Ltd. - a 100% Japanese owned company - put a new factory into operation at Tan Duc IP - Duc Hoa District - Long An province in the morning of June 11th , 2009

Music comedy performance for workers in Tan Tao Industrial Park

A music and comedy performance for employees in the Tan Tao Industrial Park called “Excitement with Aji-ngon flavor seasonings” was held in the evening November 20 by the Management Board of Tan Tao IP in coordination with the Ajinomoto and the 3600 Communication and Marketing Company.

Tan Tao security and fire brigade makes good performances

Under the motto “Serve and serve”, the Management Board of the Tan Tao Industrial Park has created favorable conditions for all enterprises to operate their businesses in the “Tan Tao common home”. In addition, the fire and security brigade of the Tan Tao IP has frequently supported to maintain the safety of the assets and property of the enterprises.

Free health check-up for women workers in Tan Tao IP

The healthcare workers program of the Taserco Corporation, an affiliated company of the ITA Group, was launched by a health consultation day on November 13 for women workers of the enterprises operating in the Tan Tao Industrial Park.

Milky US: No melamine and absolute safety for consumers

Vietnamese consumers are currently extremely concerned about milk and dairy products imported from China contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in plastic products which caused kidney failure. A comprehensive testing undertaken by the Center of Analytical Services and Experiment in Ho Chi Minh City has confirmed the absence of melamine in Milky US dairy products produced by the Vietnam – US High Technology Dairy Joint Stock Company.

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