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Ita stands the second in ten Top of HoSC

On 1 August BVSC supplied its investors “economy and Vietnam stock market in six month of 2007 year” report.

According to this report at present on the market, PVD stands first with the impressive growth of 509%. ITA came shortly behind PVD with equally impressive growth.
Recently, market analyses have been used by the big share companies to prove their current standing or “rank” against the competition.
On 1 August 2007, Bao Viet Stock Company (BVSC) also supplied its investors with information concerning the “Economy and Vietnam stock market in six month of the first 2007 year”.
This report gave a general overview about the economy and stock market as well as the state of the billing market, IPO stages and the effect of the big companies in the last six months.
Bao Viet Company gave a list of the top 10 companies on the billing market, includes: VNM, ITA FPT, PPC, STB, PVD, KDC, REE, VSH, and GMD.
In this list, PVD is leading with an impressive 509% growth. Standing next is ITA (Tan Tao Industrial Park Corporation)
This report shows that ITA had “profit grade of the first two quarter of 2007 year and increasing three times with the same stage of last year, get 50% all year. Recently, Vietnam Infrastructure Ltd. – VNI bought about 2.5 billion ITACO’s shares, worth USD 14.06 million. ITACO currently owns a lot of industrial parks in HCMC. In the period of 2007 – 2008 year, ITACO will need to mobilize and invest VND 5,000 billion (USD 312.50 million) in order to execute its projects. Turnover and profit of 2007 year is estimated at between VND 300 billion (USD 18.75 million) and VND 532 billion (USD 33.25 million).
By: Thuong Nguyen
Translation: Thanh Truc