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New Year with New Opportunities and Challenges

With the uncorking of champagne bottles and clinking of glasses to the spring-themed performances of the Great Family, the Tan Tao Group joined in celebration of the warmth and unity of springtime. This was the atmosphere at the New Year ‘s Eve festivities of Tan Tao Group held at the Sheraton hotel on January 27, 2008.

Happy New Year's congratulations of the Chairwoman of the Management Board Ms. Dang Thi Hoang Yen and the General Director Thai Van Men at the New Year ‘s Eve celebration still resounds in people's ears and raises hopes of working together with even more determination to turn Tan Tao Group into a strong economic group on the path of development. It has taken over 11 years to become a prestigious trade name in the world arena. This represents the incessant efforts of thousands of the Group ‘s managers and employees. The strength is tirelessly focused and developed and these aspirations are the fondest wishes of the leaders of Tan Tao Group.

General Director Mr. Thai Van Men made an opening speech. The Chairwoman of the Management Board
Ms. Dang Thi Hoang Yen expressed gratitude to staff, partners and customers for supporting Tan Tao Group
for the past 11 years.

After joining the WTO, Ho Chi Minh City's economy has grown rapidly. The 2007 GDP increased over 12% with approximately VND 92 thousand billion in revenue. This sets the stage for new development phases and a strong integration of enterprises into the global economy. Tan Tao Group has joined the development trend, making significant contributions to the development of the City. In 2007, Tan Tao Group has made remarkable and impressive development gains in a busy year full of strategies, targets and implementation plans for large projects.

Ho Chi Minh City People ‘s Committee offered
Certificates of Merit to the leaders of Tan Tao Group.

From a site with a poor infrastructure, Tan Tao Industrial Park has become a centralized and interdisciplinary Industrial Park with a total area of 443 hectares involving 258 investors including 39 foreign investors, with a total capital of USD 155 million and nearly VND 6,300 billion. In 2007 alone, the total capital invested in Tan Tao Industrial Park has reached USD 15.1 million and VND 957.9 billion, which exceeds investment targets for the year.

Tan Tao Industrial Park takes the lead in the housing of 189 operating enterprises, creating employment for over 20,000 laborers. Despite a variation in land policies, Tan Tao Industrial Park continues to develop and attract more investors to lease land and factory plants.

Concurrently, many enterprises in effective business operations in the Industrial Park increase their chartered capital to expand their production, achieve and surpass the planned revenue and get higher import-export quotas.

Tan Tao Industrial Park is currently regarded as the most fully developed infrastructure Industrial Park in Ho Chi Minh City. It is also the first Industrial Park nationwide to apply the latest advances of the American CISCO information technology system, which facilitates the development of enterprises in the Industrial Park.

Mr. Vu Van Hoa, “Tan Tao Group made significant
contributions to Ho Chi Minh city and the country".
Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan, President of
Long An province: Tan Tao Group
has speeded up the development of the province.

Mr. Vu Van Hoa, Head of Ho Chi Minh City's Export Processing and Industrial Parks Management Department, on behalf of the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City People ‘s Committee said: “Tan Tao Group is an economic unit setting in its own path, taking strong development steps in international economic integration, making significant contributions to the development of Ho Chi Minh City and the country.” In agreement with Mr. Vu Van Hoa ‘s evaluation, Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan, President of Long An provincial People's Committee noted that Tan Tao Group, through its projects, especially Tan Duc Industrial Park, has pushed up the development of Long An province. After the implementation of many projects, the province has achieved positive economic development. He stressed that the leaders of the province will be inclined to support and facilitate the implementation of the projects of Tan Tao Group, which fosters the economic development of the province as well as of the neighboring ones.

Honored typical, excellent staff

With no slowdown in the progress of achievements, and more ambitious targets in 2008, the Group's staff needs to go hand in hand on the long trail full of new opportunities and challenges…to continue to underline the strong development of the Group, not only domestically but internationally, and contribute significantly to the development of the country.