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Tan Tao Industrial Park Corporation was established in November 1996 and was later changed into Tan Tao Investment – Industry Corporation – ITACO, whose main scope of operation includes the following industries.

Address: Tan Tao Industrial Park, Tan Tao A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel. : 08. 7505171 – 08. 7505172
Fax : 08. 7508237 Email: ita@itagroup-vn.com

Chairwomen: Mrs. Yen Dang

Presiden/CEO: Mr. Men V. Thai


Tan Tao Industrial Park Corporation was established in November 1996 and was later changed into Tan Tao Investment – Industry Corporation – ITACO, whose main scope of operation includes the following industries:

1. Investments, developments, constructions, commercial exploitations of Industrial Parks and their supporting services inside the Industrial Parks but not limited to: businesses, leasing and rentals of space, built facilities, offices, building, commercial centers, facilities etc...

1. Investments, developments, constructions, commercial exploitations of infrastructure including:

1.1- Transportation system, highways.

1.2- River ports, deep Sea Ports, general used Ports, specialized ports etc… and supporting services such as Custom warehousing system, commercial freighting, freight forwarding etc…

1.3- Power plants including: Hydro, Thermal, Wind, Gas power plants etc…

1.4- Water plants providing clean water, wastewater treatment plants.

1.5- Drinking water supply and distribution system, rainwater evacuation system, water sewerage etc…

1.6- High, low voltage power distribution system.

1.7- Satellite and cable television transmission, security system, Telecommunication area, Internet, Cable TV, VOIP, ISP etc…

3. Real estate business through Investments, developments, constructions, commercial exploitation of new cities, towns, residential areas with complementary social facilities such as: houses, apartments, offices, restaurant, commercial, conference centers etc…

4. Investment, Development in potential industrial fields, but not limited to, such as: Energy, Petroleum, Electronic, Mechanic factories, Hydraulics etc…

5. Direct Import-Export.

6. Formation and training, Vocation Schools, formation and training of technicians suitable to investors’ needs …

7. Creation of Joint ventures with local and foreign entities to expand production-to carry on business, cooperation and making investment with foreign entities according to the Foreign Investment Laws when necessary to expand the market contributing to the Foreign trade of the country.

8. The Joint-ventures’ profits will be reinvested to expand the investment activities into all legal areas conformed to the State regulations.

9. However, the Company may extend restraint or change the scope of activities to conform to the decision of the Shareholders Meeting.

10. Upon any change of objectives and production-business, chartered capital and other contents of the business registration document, the Company should notice the Department of Investment and Planning of Ho Chi Minh City to have the Business Registration Certificate granted and make public announcement on newspapers.

ITACO is known as ITA GROUP has been in operation for over 11 years, with over 20 Subsidiaries in various industries. ITA GROUP is currently one of the leading Industrial Park and Infrastructure Developer in Vietnam whose main success is represented by the numerous projects and cities across the nation.

-ITACO was extraordinarily successful in its operations and investments. the Group continues its development, expansion and growth. It has provided stable jobs for at least 70,000 workers and its objective for the next five years is to generate jobs for about 100,000 people. ITACO has been supporting and developing BINHTAN District from one of the poorest areas in HCMinh City become a District that has been contributing Taxes and growing fastest in Hochiminh city. Being the first and most well-known company in Vietnam, ITACO was visited by many Vietnam Leaders: Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, Vice Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Chief of the Communist Party Do Muoi, President Nguyen Minh Triet and during this Lunar New Year ITACO welcomed Ex. Truong Tan Sang - Standing Politburo Member, Permanent Member of the Secretariat of the Vietnam Communist Party Central Committee to pay a visit TANDUC IP. ITACO was also visited by many U.S. senators, including U.S. Senators Mr. Ray Lahood and Mr. Richard Gephardt, and the World Bank representatives, including Mr. Nick Stern and others countries such as Thailand’s Princess, Lao President’s , Cambodia President, Norway, Belgium Leaders ect…

In the beginning, ITA GROUP’s first project involves transforming an area of low agricultural production value 12km west of Ho Chi Minh city into the biggest industrial park in the south of Vietnam. Tan Tao IP stretches over 443 acres and its modern infrastructure brought in 204 local investors with the total capital of over 5.309 billions Vietnamese dong. Tan Tao also accommodates 34 foreign investors from Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, China, England and America with a total capital of 140 million USD. More than 234 companies have invested in productions and factories, creating over 20.000 jobs for the area. Until the present days, ITACO has been developing 9 industrial parks across Vietnam whose areas amount to a total sum of 9,032.8 ha, successfully creating thousands of jobs and businesses for the neighboring cities.

On the 15th November 2006, ITACO became listed on the stock market of Ho Chi Minh City. ITACO’s stocks are now rated with Blue-Chip value on the market.

ITACO is made up of over 1.000 workers, the majority of which holds two Bachelor degrees. The management board consists of 12 individuals holding PhDs and masters obtained from institutions both within and outside of the country. ITA GROUP promotes the understanding that the key to success is human resources and has therefore been very supportive of its members by offering professional training, attractive salary and financial awards in stocks. On the occasion of ITA GROUP’s 10 Years Anniversary, each recipient of ITAGROUP’s award received in stocks what would amount to 10 years of salary, according to the current market value.


  1. Established on 14-11-1996.
  2. Ground Breaking Ceremony for TANTAO Industrial Park with 442ha on 3-2-1997.
  3. Ground Breaking Ceremony for NHONTRACH Industrial Park 550ha on 14-7-2001.
  4. Received the third Labor Medal on 14-11-2001.
  5. Ground Breaking Ceremony for TANDUC 1150ha IP Phase 1 on 14-11-2003.
  6. Received the second Labor Medal on 14-11-2005.
  7. Ground Breaking Ceremony for NHONHOI Industrial Park 650ha on 14-11-2006.
  8. ITACO was listed in the Hochiminh Securities Market on 15-11-2006.
  9. Ground Breaking Ceremony for TANDUC IP & E.city with 618ha on 15-12-2007.
  10. For the last ten years ITACO got the Prize Named as known as the Leading of Industrial Parks’ Developer in Vietnam.
  11. “Vietnam is Asia’s Rising Star Conference” on 8-9 Jan.2008 was coordinated by the British newspaper The Economist , ITACO and The World &Vietnam Newspaper. The conference was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affair Pham Gia Khiem and five other ministers, as well as hundreds of large corporations worldwide and in Vietnam.
  12. On 9 Jan. 2008 ITACO was awarded by Chairman of Vietnam National Asembly Nguyen Phu Trong as A Supper Star for Country’s developing voted by 12 Ministries, 5 biggest Newspapers Nationwide and a Representative of UNICO.


ITA GROUP is also one of the leading charitable organizations in the country. Within the past 4 years, ITA GROUP has donated over 49 billions dong equal to 4Millions USD to build more than 1000 homes for people in rural areas in need of housing, few schools. ITA GROUP also built Two elementary & Middle school and two kindergartens in Long An and Tay Bac Province and was one of the biggest aid forces during the hurricane season that devastated Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

On the 30th September 2007, ITA GROUP launched three charitable foundations in Hanoi called ITA-Scholarship, ITA Medical Aid and ITA Veterans Assistance. The ceremony was attended by Country President Nguyen Minh Triet.

  • ITA-Scholarship: This foundation gives scholarships to poor but talented students. Aid is also given to teachers in need, encouraging them to teach in remote, rural areas.
  • ITA Medical Aid: This foundation supports victims of Agent Orange and patients in need of financial assistance.
  • ITA Veterans Assistance: This foundation aids victims of war. Survivors of war including the Federation of the Vietnamese Mothers, injured veterans as well as victims of natural disasters.

Mrs Yen Dang – Chairwoman of ITACO has donated a fund of 21 billion dong for these foundations and hopes to continually assist the people by aiding their basic needs, regardless of age, sex and background.

With these achievements, ITA GROUP has been awarded the 3rd Class Labor Medal, the 2nd Class Labor Medal by the Prime Minister; the Emulation Flags of Achievement for ten years running from the Party as well as numerous Certificates of Merit from local authorities and organizations. ITA GROUP hopes to encourage other corporations to join our effort in bettering the human lives and supporting the poor in Vietnam.


ITA GROUP’s upcoming projects include:

1. INDUSTRIAL PARKS: ITACO has been operating and developing 8 IP-s as follows:

- TANTAO IP: 442ha.

- TANDUC IP: 562ha.

- NHONTRACH: 350ha.

- NHONHOI IP: 650ha.

- AGRITA IP: 512ha.

- HANITA IP: 500ha.

- KIENLUONG IP: 3000ha.

- DUCPHO IP: 212ha.

2. ITA-Cities: ITA GROUP has recently started developing residential cities based on the environmental standards issued by the U.S. These are:

- Tan Duc E-City: 346 ha.

- Tan Tao E-City: 149 ha.

- Kien Luong E-City: 2,000 ha.

- Saigon-Mekong E-City: 2568ha.

- Paradise E-City: 712ha.

- Hung Yen New Urban: 200ha.

- HaNam New Urban: 200ha.

3. ITA-WAYS: TollRoad between Tan Son Nhat Airport and the center of Long An province. ITA-WAYS’ initial capital is approximately 700 millions USD.

4. ITA –WATERS: Water-treatment plant with a capacity of 300,000 m3/day.

5. University of South East Asia: Situated in the Long An province with an area of 105 acres, the university is designed by Morris Architects of the U.S. The overall plan is now completed in preparation for stage 1 of the construction plan, modeled after American university projects.

6. ITA-POWER: The Thermal power plant in Long An province will have a maximum capacity of 1,200 MW. The one situated near the seaport in Kien Giang will have a capacity of 4,400 MW.

7. ITA-PORT: A deep Port for ships with capacity up to 1800,000WDT.

8. ITA-SKY: High-rise office buildings; service, business and entertainment centers across the nation.

9. ITA-TEL: This is a cooperative project with the National Ministry of Telecommunication, investing in Build-IN and E-Cities. ITA GROUP aims to become the most advanced distributor of telecommunication technology in Vietnam.

10. ITA-RICE: Over 10.000 acres in Dong Thap province is being used to produce fragrant rice according to the standards set out by HAAP and GAP to export to America and Europe.