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Charter Tan Tao investment – industry corporation

The Charter and regulations of the Company, and resolutions of Shareholders and the Board of Directors, if they are ratified in a valid manner in accordance with relevant laws, will be the legally binding rules and regulations for the Company to carry out business activities.

Chartered capital: VND



I. Definitions and terminology in the charter

Article 1: Definitions

II. Name, form, headquarters, legal representative, branches, representative offices and operating term of the company

Article 2: Name, form, headquarters, legal representative, branches, representative offices and Operating Term of the Company

III. Objectives, Business Scope And Operations Of The Company

Article 3: Objectives of the Company

Article 4: Business scope and operations

IV. Chartered Capital, Shares And Founding Shareholders

Article 5: Chartered Capital, shares, Founding Shareholders

Article 6: Share certificates

Article 7: Share transfer

Article 8: Share reclamation

V. Organization, Management And Control

Article 9: Management organizational structure

VI. Shareholders And Shareholders Meeting

Article 10: Rights of Shareholders of the Company

Article 11: Obligations of Shareholders

Article 12: Shareholders Meeting

Article 13: Rights and tasks of the Shareholders Meeting

Article 14: Authorized representatives

Article 15: Changes of rights

Article 16: Shareholders Meeting, agenda and announcement

Article 17: Conditions for conducting a Shareholders Meeting and taking the minutes of a Shareholders Meeting

Article 18: Approval of resolutions via written documents

VII. Board Of Directors

Article 19: Composition and term

Article 20: Rights and functions of the Board of Directors

Article 21: Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the Board of Directors

Article 22: Alternate members of the Board of Directors

Article 23: Meetings of the Board of Directors

VIII. Managing director, other managers, and company secretary

Article 24: Management organization

Article 25: Managers

Article 26: Appointment, dismissal, tasks and authority of the Managing Director

Article 27: Company Secretary

IX. Authorized tasks of members of the board of directors, president/managing director and managers

Article 28: Responsibility of prudence of members of the Board of Directors, Managing Director and Managers

Article 29: Responsibility of honesty and avoidance of conflicts of interest

Article 30: Responsibility and compensation

X. Supervisory Board

Article 31: Appointment of Supervisory Board

XI. Authority To Investigate The Company’s Books And Records

Article 32: Authority to investigate books and records

XII. Employees And Unions

Article 33: Employees and unions

XIII. Profit Sharing

Article 34: Dividends

XIV. Bank accounts, fund establishment, fiscal year, and accounting system

Article 35: Bank accounts

Article 36: Deduction and fund establishment

Article 37: Fiscal year

Article 38: Accounting system

XV. Annual Reports, Responsibility To Provide Reports, Public Announcements

Article 39: Annual reports

Article 40: Information release and public announcements

Xvi. Company auditing

Article 41: Auditing

XVII. Seal

Article 42: Seal

XVIII. Termination Of Operations And Liqudation

Article 43: Termination of operations

Article 44: Deadlock between members of the Board of Directors and Shareholders

Article 45: Extension of Operating Term

Article 46: Liquidation

XIX. Settlement Of Internal Disputes

Article 47: Settlement of internal disputes

XX. Charter Amendment

Article 48: Supplementing and amending the Charter

XXI. Effective Date

Article 49: Effective date

Article 50: Signatures of the members of the Board of Directors