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Tan Duc Spring Garden 2013 opening

From February 6 to February 15 ( or December 26 to January 1 on lunar calendar Year of the Snake), Tan Tao Group in collaboration with functional departments will hold the “Tan Duc Spring Garden" in Duc Hoa Ha road, Tan Duc industrial urban area, Duc Hoa district, Long An province.

The Tan Duc Spring Garden 2013 Year of the Snake is a meaningful and practical activity to create a spring full atmosphere and become an attractive destination in the 2013 Year of the Snake for local people, staff and employees in residential and industrial park areas in Duc Hoa district particularly and in Long An province generally.

Besides, it is also one of the activities promoting the image of the green – clean – beautiful Tan Duc Ecity residential area, an ideal living and learning environment for all people.

This year is the second straight year Tan Tao Group in collaboration with functional departments have organized the event , through which the organizers also want to build a meaningful Spring welcome event in Tan Duc industrial and urban area.

The "Tan Duc Spring Garden" 2013 Year of the Snake consists of the following events:

1. Spring Garden Opening

Tan Duc Spring Garden will open at 17 pm on February 6, 2013 and will have the attendance of representatives of departments of Duc Hoa district and Long An province; Mr. Tran Huu Phuoc, Vice Chairman of Long An Province People’s Committee; Mr. Le Ba Thuoc, Vice Chairman of Long An Province People’s Council, Ms. Vo Thi Tuyet, Chairman of Duc Hoa district, and leaders and representatives of enterprises operating in Tan Duc industrial park. The ceremony will also include a Vietnamese calligraphy performance and calligraphy souvenirs will be presented to distinguished guests.

2. Spring Garden tour

During the Tan Duc Spring Garden program, visitors will see the rockery model and the Spring garden with a variety of flower colors decorated according to different themes in the walking path. Just like the 2012 Spring flower festival, prominent features of the Tan Duc Spring garden are the images decorative lighting along the pedestrian road flower. Visitors can enjoy walking, taking pictures of the most beautiful memories a warm spring in this impressive space.

3. Cultural and arts performance activities

Cultural, arts performance and entertainment activities are the highlights of the Tan Duc Spring Garden 2013. During the 10-day festival, cultural and arts activities will continue to take place with attractive contents, along with the operation of 17 entertainment stalls.

For cultural and arts performance activities, apart from the musical performances every night of various contents and genres, the organizers also emphasize the theme "Home sea and island."
The Long An province’s Vietnamese opera delegation will also perform six repertoires: Music - Vietnamese opera greeting Spring;

In 2012 - the Year of the Dragon, the Tan Duc spring flower festival took place very successfully and attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Following the previous success, "Tan Duc Spring Garden" 2013 Year of the Snake held in Tan Duc Urban and Industrial Area with many cultural, arts performance and entertainment programs will be an impressive destination for the local people to celebrate the 2013 Year of the Snake. Dozens of thousands of people in and out of the province will visit and enjoy cultural and arts performance program this year.